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$50 Early Bird Fee

Deadline June 10, 2017

1st Annual EBI Summer Bash

4 on 4 double elimination tourney w/ 2 round robin seeding games
Maximum of 6 players (18+) on a team 
Early Bird Registration $50 by June 10th
Deadline Registration $60 by June 22nd
Tournament fees are due at sign up
Captains meeting will be held the day before/ day of the tourney (TBA)
First place will recive individual trophies
Spectator Admission TBD
5 minute warm up before each game
Round robin games 15 pts by 1s & 2s with time limit TBA
Tournament games 15 pts by 1s & 2s No time limit
Semi final Game 21 pts with time limit TBA
Championship Game 21pts No time limit

Let's keep it fun, clean, and competitive