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Commitment + Consistency = RESULTS

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Are you in need to lose weight, but either don't know how to start or what you have done hasn't worked?  Take advantage of our Elite Fat Burner 31 Day Program. The Elite Fat Burner 31 Day Program is designed to help those who are overweight or obese with their lifestyle change.  Through exercise, nutrition, and education you will be attaining constant success instead of continued failure.  All workouts are conducted at the Elite Body Image facility.  

For  $149 not only will you will lose 12+ lbs the right and healthy way, but you will also receive BUT not limit to the following:
(1) initial group consultation
(22) 1 hour group training session (Monday- Friday)
(4) Meal prep classes (Via online) Sundays
(4) Group activity (Saturday)
weekly progress tracking
Before weight, pictures, measurements, and assessment
After weight, pictures, measurements, and assessment
(1) ending group consultation (last day of program)
24/7 support and accountability
Nutrition plan
A community of new friends with the same goals for life
A new lifestyle
How to maintain constant success and results after the program

Are you serious and ready for change?
Then don't delay signing up.
You already took the first step by identifying that you need to lose weight, you have now taken the time to read this, now it's time to take action in changing how things are.  Don't be the person who complains that they need to and want to lose weight and change their lifestyle, but fails to take action therefore continues to  complain that they need and want to lose weight; INSTEAD be that person that does what is needed to lose the weight.  It's time to be confidant, have self esteem, be happy, feel great, and look sexy.
Commitment + Consistency = RESULTS
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31 Day Challenge