"I was referred to personal trainer, Marquel Stinson, by a co-worker who mentioned that he is a great trainer and keeps you motivated to meet your desired fitness goal. After 18 months of having the privilege to train with him, I feel like I made the right choice because he helped me meet my desired weight loss goal. The result was more than what I had expected and lost a total of 27 lbs. I have to admit, I was initially skeptical about working out after having 3 kids and not exercising since my college days 13 years ago. I am really inspired by his motivation, the daily exercises, and the one-on-one time we have to go over my fitness goal throughout the week. I have found this experience rewarding because it not only helped me lose the weight, but it also changed my lifestyle of eating and helped me incorporate new exercises in my everyday routine. Through my experience and progress from training with Marquel Stinson at Elite Body Gym, I confidently recommend this place to all people who want to see results."
Sofia C

"Marquell is a great coach in my eyes he pushes you to do your best. When I was working out with Marquell I had lost around ten pounds and inches as well. Marquell knows what he is doing and will even workout with his students."

Christina A

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